For those interested in an excursion outside of the city this weekend, Songzhuang village just east of Beijing is a remarkable place to while away a day. Songzhuang looks like a typical village on the outside, but take a deeper look and you will find a veritable showcase of China’s most inventive and boundary pushing artists.

This weekend, Songzhuang’s Hanyan Gallery (76 Xiaopu South Street) will play host to the 4th International China-Korea-Turkey-USA Tour Show (September 1st-9th, 2012), a world class art event showcasing some 60 artists from the four countries. It is a not-to-be-missed event and a great excuse to make the journey out to the village.

While you are in the village take a stroll along Songzhuang’s small lanes to find studios, coffee shops, bookstores, pottery workshops, and galleries all tucked away in the corners of this unique village. While you may enjoy getting lost among the street markets, don’t forget to check out one or two of  Songzhuang’s bigger art museums.

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